Panties As A Part Of Lingerie

Lingerie is commonly associated with its sexual connotation rather than its broader meaning of simply being any form of undergarment. Lingerie is often quite erotic and made for enhancing sexual feeling in men who or quite enticed by women adorned in lingerie. Panties, alternatively known as knickers are a form of underwear made to be worn by women. Panties are usually well-fitting yet can be loose as per personal preference or needs. Panties have an elastic band to be worn over the waist. They are made from a variety of materials usually ones that are comfortable and somewhat absorbent.

Panties come in a variety of shapes and sizes and hence conceal different amounts of regions of the crotch. They can range from a larger area such as granny panties to simpler or non discreet ones that are smaller and only cover a limited area. Thong is worn mostly as underwear but it is also worn as swimwear. It is basically a thin band of cloth that covers the private parts leaving the buttocks and thighs completely exposed. Thongs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and are made of several different fabrics. The minimal covering of region below torso makes it quite erotic. Cheeky are another type of underwear that leave a large part of the buttocks uncovered and only covering the upper part. Besides concealing a nominal area of woman’s private parts, panties are also worn for hygiene and due to the comfort it provides.

As per individual needs of women, panties are made from a large variety of materials such as silk, lycra, cotton , lace etc. Additionally certain panties are also attached to garter belts and are made for holding up stockings. Certain panties are made specifically for sexually and thus are made so as to emphasize the beauty of the female body. Even though panties are much more adjustable and uniform in terms of different sizes, wearing the inappropriate style or sizes of panties can cause undue discomfort, rashes, stretch marks, and pain in the waist and thigh region .Panties should be made of soft and good materials that are breathable and absorbent.

Not just the swimwear or the natural daily wear panties, there are some intricately designed panties for the erotic moods too. The open crotch panties, fish net underwear and of course the coolest thing in the range- edible underwear do not quite fail to impress when it comes to the enhancing erotic mood. Lingerie with their intricate design and stunning display of sexual desire bring out the infatuation of such raw passion and bare beauty. Lingerie also comes in several colours and has see-through materials, as well as materials that can match any woman’s skin tone.Sexiness of lingerie or the designed panties commands a lot of attention, from the exquisite colours to stunning cuts and make of, all combined in the right combinations make for stunning displays of raw magnetism.

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